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Centracs® Signal Performance Measures

Introduction to Centracs SPM

The Centracs Signal Performance Measures (SPM) system was developed based on research performed by Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Centracs SPM uses advanced mathematical models and techniques to measure the performance of your traffic signal system using high-resolution event data from your signal controllers. Using SPM, you can determine the health of your detectors and evaluate the overall operation of your traffic control system in terms of capacity allocation, safety, pedestrian performance, preemption, and optimized progression.

In order for Centracs SPM to perform at its best, your detection must be operating optimally. For example, if a large number of your detectors are not working properly, the SPM data may be somewhat misleading (however, in this situation, Centracs SPM is still useful to help you identify the detection problems that need your attention).

For detailed information about the performance measures developed by Purdue/INDOT, as well as the recommended "best practices" for detector placement, click here to visit the Purdue docs website.